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Initial / Technical QUESTIONS

What is an appropriate time to approach a designer?

Once the apartment or the property is bought, one can consult a designer immediately. Reason being, the builders would build a 3bhk or a 2bhk according to their layout. A client can always consult a designer and get the civil changes planned and done in terms of breaking the walls to add or remove some extra space/ getting the apartment vastu complaint/ getting innovative ideas on the space management.

A property owner may also consult a designer after the brick work/ wall construction has been done. This time the designer would look into the interior aspects of the apartment. We would do the space management which would help the property owner get the electrical and other works done by the promoter itself saving some extra cost which would have incurred otherwise.

What will be the time duration to complete on project?

A 3bhk roughly takes two-three month’s time once the furniture placements have been finalized. This period of time includes the false ceiling work followed by the electrical and carpentry going hand in hand. Wall finishes and soft furnishings are the last ones worked upon. This duration also extensively depends on the availability and supply of labor and materials.


Can one determine the budget of the project before the start of it actually?

Certainly! There are two ways of achieving this. We’ve developed our own hands-on system to take the estimate of the interior design budgeting. Using a systematic approach, all the items of work are clearly specified, quantified and budgeted. Prior to the starting of the project, we provide the client a final cost estimate. In the event where there is a limited budget, we can always work backward and create the best possible design solution within a given cost. We are always sensitive to our clients’ budgets.

What are the costs if we hire Desigsn Icrave?

The initial site visit and consultation is a complimentary service from our end. We are very sensitive and flexible to our clients in terms of budget. Once the visit is done and we have understood each other and are good to go, a detailed measurement is taken and the floor plan with furniture placements is developed. A concept presentation consisting of some ideas of the taste of the home owner is also prepared and a rough estimate according to actual measurements is given for each and every space of the house. These services are charged for a
nominal amount of Rs.5000/- which is totally adjusted at the time of execution.

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